A veteran and his wife during the 'Victory Day' celebrations in Kiev, Ukraine, which mark the 73rd anniversary of victory over nazism in World War II - May 9, 2018.
Polish nationalists take part in a march in Warsaw, Poland to mark the centenary of the country's independence - November 11, 2018. 
The 'life jacket graveyard' near Molyvos, north of the island of Lesbos in Greece where thousands of life jackets, many of them faulty, are piling up on top of a hill - March 2016.
A man sits on his own at the 'Better days for Moria' camp in Lesbos, Greece, where migrants who arrived prior to the EU-Turkey agreement live as they apply for asylum in Greece - March 2016.
Migrants take part in workshops at Sanctus' drop-in at the Methodist Central Hall in Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire, UK - February 2016.
Shiite Muslims beat themselves as they mourn the death of Prophet Muhammad's daughter Fatima, on the streets of Manchester in the United Kingdom - February 2018.
A man sits in his narrowboat on the Leeds-Liverpool canal, in Burnley, UK as he takes part in the canal's bicentenary celebrations - August 2016.
British soldiers and veterans take part in the Armed Forces Day parade in Liverpool - June 2017.
An Anti-brexit activist from Moldova holds a giant European flag at the Stop Brexit National March in Manchester, UK, on the first day of the Conservative Party Conference - October 2017.
A young boy expresses concerns about his future because of Brexit at the Great Northern March against Brexit in Leeds, West Yorkshire in the United Kingdom - March 24, 2018.
Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn campaigning in the Wirral West constituency ahead of the general elections - May 2017.

An elderly woman sings patriotic songs as a group of people take part in the Victory Day celebrations in Kyiv, Ukraine - May 9th, 2019.

Activists protest outside Conservative Party Conference in Manchester, UK as British Prime Minister Theresa May gives her speech on the last day of the conference - October 2017.
Mancunians pay tributes to the victims of the Manchester terror attack as they lay flowers on St Ann's Square in Manchester city centre - May 2017.
A young woman dressed in a traditional Polish outfit for the Constitution Day celebrations in Lviv, Ukraine, a city which was under Polish sovereignty between 1919 and 1939 - May 3, 2018.
A woman pays her respects to Ukrainian soldiers who died in the ongoing conflict in the Donbass region of Ukraine, inside the Jesuit Church in Lviv, Ukraine - November 2017.
A woman prays at the Bernardine Church in Lviv, Ukraine - May 2, 2018.
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